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Welcome to Global Technologies Window Mfg Ltd

Thank you for taking the time to visit us online. We at Global Technologies Window Mfg Ltd have been in the fenestration industry for over 20 years, using the highest quality hardware, thermal glass units and high-density uPVC-vinyl.

We have a very wide selection of our thermal glass units using LowE^2 glass by Cardinal Glass Company. It is available in dual or triple seal and it has a high energy efficient rating.

The greatest advantage comes from the LowE^2 thermal glass unit because it does not transfer the cold radiation in the winter and keeps hot air out in the summer, therefore it significantly reduces the costs of gas and electricity in your home.

Our window product can be installed in many ways such as brick to brick/with integrated vinyl brick molding and vinyl jam-extension in many sizes and styles based on your needs. All window styles and shapes are available.

At Global Technologies Window Mfg Ltd, we offer a life-time warranty with all our products because we deliver 100% guarantee and satisfaction to our clients.

It is our goal to keep satisfying our customers and giving them top quality windows that they can depend on and at Global Technologies Window Manufacturing Limited, that is what we do because we are the window people.






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